A-Team Hub – #BeeAHero Winner!

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Latest News

A-Team Hub WINNERS!!!

Voting has concluded on our poll as the target was met for the AED – Defib Giveaway as part of our #BeeAHero Campaign.

A massive congratulations to the A-Team Hub, the work you guys are doing is of incredible importance and provides respite to parents and care givers in your community. A very worthy winner, with incredible support behind you.

A-Team Hub Logo

Welcome to the A-Team Hub SEND Services for Leigh (ateamhub.co.uk)

Voting got very exciting, but A-Team Hub pulled away at the end with a very impressive 550 Votes.

Parkdale Sidac came in second with 376 votes, still a very impressive amount, so well done to them and their supporters – We will be opening Nominations again shortly. However, the format is going to change slightly, so keep an eye out for that.

A Graph

We will be detailing how the next poll is going to be run, as we are changing the process. A few issues were highlighted during this run, and we want to iron out the process so that everyone has a fair opportunity and that the AED’s are guaranteed to be going to the right places.



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