Central Heating & Powerflushing Services

Central Heating Systems

Central heating is the process by which heat travels around your home, often through a system of pipes coming from your boiler, passing through multiple radiators, and even under floors.

Are you having any of the following problems with your central heating system?

  • Noisy pipes
  • Radiators constantly need bleeding
  • System taking too long to heat up
  • Radiators feel colder towards the top
  • Low hot water pressure
Heating system

At BumbleBee we know how important heating your home is and our expert team of engineers will assess each situation individually and provide a solution to keep your central heating system working efficiently and well-maintained. From installations to repairs and maintenance, we can handle it all.




Powerflushing is a popular way of cleaning and maintaining your central heating system. It removes any rust, debris, or sludge build-up, by sending water at high pressure through the heating system. Blockages could eventually lead to a boiler breakdown, which is why a boiler cleansing process is advised when you spot signs your heating system is deficient.

A powerflush enables efficient heat distribution throughout your home, improving the quality of your central heating system. At Bumblebee we use a Kamco CF90 machine for all powerflushing services, coupled with quality Ferncox chemicals.

Radiator Powerflush

Powerflush benefits to home central heating systems:

  • Reduce boiler breakdowns
  • Increase systems lifespan
  • Improve heat produced from radiators
  • Energy efficient
  • Better quality hot water and heating
  • Safety maintain your heating system
  • Possible lower energy bills
  • Reduce noise from radiators and boilers
  • Reduce time taken for radiators and water to heat up


At Bumblebee we use the highest quality Fernox chemicals to perform powerflusing. Fernox is a leading manufacturer of water treatment chemical products, central heating system filters, plumbing consumables, and diagnostic testing services.

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Whether you are concerned about your current system, looking for a new central heating system, or are planning to upgrade your central heating system to something more energy-efficient, we’re here to help! Get in touch today.

Powerflushing FAQ

How long does a powerflush take?

The length of time needed to carry out a powerflush depends on the heating system, its size, and the condition of your boiler. Typically a home powerflush can take up to 8 hours, for advanced and complicated systems this could take up to 2 days.

After the powerflush is completed, water will be able to flow freely through the heating system and any debris will be collected by the high-quality Kamco CF90 machine and disposed of.

How will I know I need a powerflush?

If you are unsure if your heating system requires a powerflush, below are some signs to look out for, a powerflush may also be recommended at your boiler service.

  • The bottom of radiators seem colder than the top
  • Noise coming from your boiler or radiator
  • Repeated boiler breakdowns
  • The boiler needs to be frequently restarted
  • Heating system takes a long time to heat up
  • Radiators that fail to heat up after being bled
  • Discoloured water when radiators are bled
  • Hot pipes but colder radiators
Heating system

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