DIY combi boiler installation: Why leave it to the experts?

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Combi Boilers

DIY Combi Boiler Installation Advice

Need DIY combi boiler installation advice? read on…

Running a house is expensive. When there are always bills to pay and stuff to buy, the idea of DIYing jobs around the home is tempting.

You might think about buying a new boiler and saving cash by installing it yourself.

However, some things shouldn’t be risked, no matter the financial setbacks.

Let’s break down DIY combi boiler installation and its potential to harm you, your home, and your neighbours.

Can I legally install my own boiler?

Are you Gas Safe registered? If not, then no.

There are plenty of reasons you shouldn’t be attempting a DIY boiler installation if you’re not fully qualified and completely understanding of the risks of working with gas. Even if you respect the dangers, not being a registered Gas Safe engineer is the end of it—you can’t work with gas. In answer to the question ‘does a new boiler need a gas safety certificate?‘ well yes it does and a qualified expert is able to install it for you

Not least of all because:

It’s illegal

Working on gas when you’re not qualified is illegal. The punishments for illegal gas work have been clear and stringent in recent years, and those who take a chance on gas work without having a full and qualified knowledge of what they’re doing risk more than simply a prison sentence.

It’s dangerous

If you don’t have a proper understanding of what you’re doing, you won’t understand where you’re making fatal mistakes. Incorrect gas work won’t just fail. It can cause explosions, carbon monoxide leaks, and general risks to life that simply aren’t worth trying to save a bit of money on a qualified installer.

It’s complicated

You can’t just plug a new boiler in. It needs to be connected to the right pipework (which itself might need rerouting and soldering), connected to a safely exiting flue, and has many different components that need to be checked for safety and good working order. Trying to approach a DIY combi boiler installation and wing it from the instructions is never going to work.

It’s worthless

Some boilers come with attractive warranties that assure good running condition for five, seven, or even 10 years with annual servicing. That is, if you had your boiler installed by a qualified individual. Your boiler’s warranty will be null and void if this isn’t the case, and you’d be lucky to ever have a Gas Safe engineer risk putting their hands near it again. Consider these things priced into the cost of a legitimate installation, so don’t throw them away.


For a fully safe and compliant boiler installation you can trust, contact our Gas Safe team at Bumblebee Plumbing and Heating. We’ll do all the work to the utmost standards, giving you peace of mind and heating you can rely on year in, year out.

To get a quote or discuss a job, get in touch with us now.

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