Are ECO Grants Still Available?

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Latest News

With spiralling energy costs an increasing number of households are finding it difficult to adequately heat their homes. Properties with old or faulty boilers and poor insulation are costly to heat and their occupants may not be able to afford to tackle the problem. An ECO boiler scheme may solve the problem.

The government looked to address this growing problem with the Energy Company Obligation, known as ECO for short. This compelled energy suppliers to help their customers improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The fourth phase of the ECO boiler scheme (ECO4) will run for 4 years, with ECO boiler grants available under ECO4 until the end of March 2026.

The new funding scheme focuses on a property’s EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). This is to ensure that the home can gain the maximum benefit from any energy-saving measures that are installed. The EPC rates the property’s energy efficiency, taking into account whether it has double-glazing, cavity wall insulation and the type of heating system installed.


What are ECO grants?

The Energy Company Obligation can provide a range of grants to help people on lower incomes improve the energy efficiency of their homes. This might include insulation or replacing an old and inefficient boiler.

If your boiler is over 7 years old, you are in receipt of income-related benefits and you own your own home, you may be eligible for a boiler grant to replace your old boiler with a free or subsidised A-rated boiler.

The grant is available whether your home is heated by mains, gas, oil, LPG or electric. Benefits which qualify for the grant include universal credit, working tax credits, pension credits, child tax credits, income-related ESA and income-related JSA.

If your boiler is less than 7 years old, then an assumption is made that it may be more cost-effective to repair your current boiler than to have it replaced through the scheme.

Who pays for the ECO boiler scheme?

The ECO scheme is funded by the big energy providers. Any energy company with over 250,000 domestic customers has a legal obligation to provide support and to take part in the ECO scheme.

The scheme is backed by the government in a drive to increase domestic energy efficiency and reduce household bills while helping the UK to reach its carbon reduction targets.


Boiler grants and installation

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