The Importance of a Clean Heating System

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Latest News

At Bumblebee heating we understand the importance of a clean heating system, an area often overlooked by heating contractors.

We have many years of boiler breakdown experience and a large majority of the faults we come across are down to poor water quality.

The pathways within a boiler are as little as 4mm (especially in combi’s) meaning that they are prone to blockages if sludge (corrosion build up) is present. This will cause issues with the boiler leading to breakdowns and in some cases boiler leaks.

What is sludge?

Sludge is a commonly used word for corrosion build up in a heating system. The corrosion is caused by aerated water eating away at the insides of your radiators causing an internal rust that then circulates around the system.

What are the implications of sludge?

Sludge can cause your boilers components to block and in some cases pipework too. However in most cases the most noticeable symptom is that your radiators are very cold at the bottom.

How do you remove sludge?

The only way to categorically remove sludge is to have a powerflush.

What is a powerflush and how does it work?

Specialised chemicals are added to the system. Then a powerflush machine (we use a kamco cf90) is attached to the heating pipes and the machine circulates these chemicals at high pressure . We then agitate one radiator at a time (using a rubber mallet) to remove stubborn deposits until all the sludge is moving. The powerflush machine is then used to dump out the bad (sludged) water whilst fresh water is added. We do this on each radiator until the system is clean.

What else can be done to prevent future build up?

We always recommend a magnetic system filter. This can be fitted on the return pipe to the boiler and it is effectively a magnet in a jar. 90% of sludge is magnetic so in effect any future sludge will stick to this magnet and it should be removed annually with your boiler service.

Pipework alterations are also recommended on older systems to reduce air intake.

Why should we choose bumblebee for our powerflush?

Apart from using the best chemicals and materials for the job we also have many years experience in flushing all types of heating system.

Unlike other companies WE PROVE THE SYSTEM IS CLEAN. We take a sample of the treated water to a third party lab for analysis and if it comes back negative we will return and reflush…… FREE OF CHARGE.

Why is it so important that new boilers are flushed?

Boilers now come with long manufacturer warranties (up to 10 years) however the manufacturers can refuse to do repair work if the water quality is sub standard.

We ALWAYS flush our installations and PROVE they are clean, which in turn protects our customers warranty.

For a free no obligation boiler quote please call the office 01925713293 or use our online quote tool (only takes 30 seconds) to get an idea of cost.

Our Powerflush prices start from £480 and the work takes all day to complete.

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