Water Leaks… How To Protect Your Property

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Latest News

Everyone knows the devastating effects of water leaks within the house so at Bumblebee heating we are going to look at some of the things you can do to limit damage if the worst were to happen.

Know where your stop cock is.

It is genuinely amazing how many houses we go into where customers do not know where their stop cock is. In the event of a water leak this is often the first port of call and is often under the kitchen sink or under the stairs.

We strongly recommend that you find the stop cock and make sure everyone in the house is aware of its location.

Test your stop cock.

There is no use in knowing where the stop cock is if you cannot turn it off in an emergency. It is very common for a stop cock to seize up and become difficult to turn. You should turn it to the off position once or twice a year to keep it moving, another top tip is to never turn to the fully open position. Take it to the fully open position and then go back half a turn, it will not effect the pressure but means it is less likely to sieze.

For elderly customers or disabled customers it may be that the stop cock is working fine but due to its position etc the customer would not physically be able to turn it off. In this scenario they should call Bumblebee heating to discuss maybe fitting a “sure stop” switch. Once fitted this device will turn the water off to the house on a flick of a switch.

What do we do if we have a leak?

In the first instance you must turn the stop cock off and run your taps until they stop. This way where ever the leak is coming from (water system or heating system) it definitely cannot get any worse. If the leak continues for a while after the taps have stopped running you will probably find the leak is on the heating system, in which case the heating system will need to be drained down. Probably a job for a professional.

Leaks near electrics

Water and electricity are not friends. If your water leak is going anywhere near electrics isolate them from the ring main and make a note of where water may have effected the electrics as these will need to be thoroughly dried out before they can go back on.


How can we prepare?

  • Find your stop cock
  • Check your stop cock
  • Test twice a year
  • Fit a surestop switch for ease of access

How can we prevent damage?

  • Turn water off immediately
  • Open all taps until they stop
  • Drain your heating
  • Isolate effected electrics
  • Start the drying process straight away.

If you are unfortunate enough to need Bumblebee heating to fix your leak, we do have an emergency plumbing service and our phonelines are manned 24/7. Call 01925713293- 07722824665 for any water leak issues or if you would like to upgrade your stop cock.

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