What to do if you’ve lost your boiler installation certificate

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Boiler Installation

As part of the UK’s gas safety regime, boiler installation certificates are issued when a boiler has been installed into a property. Building regulations state that all local authorities have to be informed when a gas boiler is installed in a property. This will usually be done by the Gas Safe registered engineer who installs your boiler and you should receive a certificate in the post within a few working days of your appliance being installed. These rules apply to both domestic and commercial properties.

What is a Gas Safe Certificate?


A Gas Safe Certificate for your boiler confirms that it was installed correctly by a qualified engineer. When you receive the certificate it should be kept in a safe place. This forms a part of the Building Regulations. These are designed to ensure that buildings are safe to use and inhabit. As part of this, local authorities in England and Wales must be informed when a heat-producing appliance is installed into a property. As long as this work has been carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer a Buildings Regulations Compliance Certificate will be issued.

It’s not a legal requirement to have a Gas Safety certificate, but it’s strongly advised that gas appliances are checked and serviced annually by a qualified engineer. This will not only ensure that your appliances are working as efficiently as possible but will also check they are safe. As there is a risk of issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty appliances this is extremely important.


What can you do if you’ve lost your boiler installation certificate?

If you lose your boiler installation certificate this can become an issue when it comes to selling your home. If the seller doesn’t have a boiler certificate there are two options.


Firstly, they can obtain a Retrospective Building Regulation Compliance Certification. This means a Gas Safe registered engineer will inspect the gas boiler replacement or installation and sign off the installation of the boiler. If the boiler doesn’t meet the safety standards required, then they will undertake any remedial work necessary.


Another option is for the property buyer to take out boiler indemnity insurance. This protects the buyer from any losses incurred should the local authority enforce the removal of the boiler. The indemnity policy doesn’t cover gas boiler replacement costs.

Obtaining a replacement certificate


If you have merely lost your certificate and wish to obtain a replacement you can do so by contacting the Gas Safety Register.


If your boiler details are on the system they will send out a duplicate certificate for a small charge. Only one certificate can be ordered at a time, and this will be emailed to the email address you provide or posted to the installation address.

Gas Safe registered boiler installation from Bumblebee Plumbing & Heating

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