How To Reduce Gas Bills – 6 Step Guide!

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Latest News

When it comes to saving money on our gas, ‘switching providers’ is the tip that trumps them all. And sure, switching works wonders for slimming down your monthly bill. As does comparing prices online and opting to pay by direct debit. However switching your boiler can also answer the question of how to reduce gas bills

But what are the simple changes you can make to your day-to-day lifestyle? Well, here are six of them!

Tip 1: Turn down the thermostat by 1 degree

Did you know that by reducing your thermostat by 1°C, you could save 10% on your heating bill? On average this is £75 per year!

Tip 2: Improve your insulation

One way on how to reduce gas bills could be as simple as closing the curtains earlier in the evening? Have you considered a new boiler? There is a range of eco-friendly options out there to help you use less gas each month. Remember to keep the windows and doors closed, and any radiators off in unused rooms too!

Tip 3: Upgrade your boiler

The inefficiency of your boiler could be having a big impact on your monthly outgoings. So arrange a visit from a plumber or heating engineer to check it out. Arrange a boiler service from Bumblebee Plumbing and Heating. Find out how by calling 01925 713 293 or enquire online.

Tip 4: Throw on a jumper or cardigan

What is the dress code in your living room? Is it t-shirt and shorts? Pyjamas? It’s common sense, but by throwing on a jumper or cardigan, you use less energy – result!

Tip 5: Ensure the heating and hot water are off when you’re not home

It’s the thought that pops into our head on the drive into work… Forgetting to turn the heating off!
Do you set your heating and water on a timer? Make it a habit to review it regularly, especially now you’ll be sat in a warmer, more insulated home (not forgetting in your jumper!).

If you have geo-location functionality, then you can control your heating from your phone or mobile device. And you can even set up alerts for the nudge you need in times you’ve forgotten to switch it off.

Tip 6: Buy a hot water bottle

The old ones are the best. It sounds like a simple one, but it’s the perfect solution for those families of mixed temperatures. If he’s too hot and she’s too cold, the hot water bottle is the go-to saviour!
Do you want to discover how efficient your home is? Or if you need a plumber or gas engineer in Warrington, then call 01925 713293 today or enquire online.

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