Common Intergas Boiler faults

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Here we look at some Intergas boiler common faults and what they might need to be rectified.

Some boiler brands are more prone to certain types of faults than others.

This can be due to the way that the boilers are designed, or it could be because the parts they use are different to other competing brands.

Nothing lasts forever, and even the most carefully designed boiler will eventually develop a fault. Intergas boilers, while using few moving parts in their builds, are no exception.



What is an Intergas boiler?

A condensing boiler made by Intergas is highly efficient and made to run as simply as possible.

As a Dutch firm, Intergas was an early adopter of this focus as the Netherlands were one of the first countries to take serious interest in the energy efficiency of boilers. Indeed, the country is set to ban gas boiler installations from 2026 as a demonstration of that commitment. Whilst we believe this is unlikely to happen as the alternatives are not quite ready.

Intergas combination only have 4 moving parts and 12 in total which is far less than all other brands on the UK market. It uses a patented heat exchanger, which negates the need for a Diverter valve and plate heat exchanger. The exchanger cools flue gases and recovers as much heat as it can for reuse.

The heat exchanger itself comes with a generous 10-year warranty, though that doesn’t mean they can’t fall prey to problems that arise through general wear or a lack of maintenance. Though Intergas boilers are generally reliable and worth the money, they can break down like anything else. If you were to get one fitted by an Intergas accredited installer like bumblebee heating you could receive up to 12 years parts and labour warranty on the whole boiler.


Common Intergas boiler faults

Intergas boilers were recently shown to be among the most reliable, though this should be understood in full context.

Which? Magazine’s Trusted Traders report for November 2020 outlined the most common gas boiler faults and the cost of repairing them. Since many of these involved parts that Intergas boilers don’t use, it can technically be argued that Intergas boilers are some of the most reliable on the market.

However, they’re not immune to error.

Here are the most common Intergas boiler faults, and what the underlying causes are.


Low boiler pressure

Any boiler system can lose water pressure, and often this can be rectified by simply topping up the water via your boiler’s filling loop. Ideal pressure should be somewhere between 1 and 1.5 bars. If the pressure continues to drop, and you haven’t recently bled your radiators or done anything else to actively affect it, it could be that you have a leak which needs repairing.

To try and find the source of a leak, check the boiler itself and the pipework beneath, as well as radiators and towel rails.


No flame

When a problem is detected with the gas valve via the PCB, the boiler will stop and display the relevant error code.

This problem requires a Gas Safe engineer to come and rectify. The fault could be with the flame sensor being unable to detect the flame, or it could be an issue with the gas valve. Either way, it will need a qualified, licensed engineer to check.


Boiler overheating

An overheating boiler is having trouble with circulating the water.

This could be a problem with a faulty pump, or it could be something simpler like airlocks. To try and clear airlocks yourself, simply use a radiator key to bleed your radiators and release any trapped air that might have got stuck.

If bleeding the radiators only produces water and no air escapes, it may be time to call a gas engineer.

Please also remember that anytime you bleed a radiator on a sealed system you must always go back and top up the pressure that has been lost at the boiler.


Faulty heat exchanger

There are several error codes that indicate a problem with the heat exchanger.

It could be that there is damage to the unit itself, a blockage caused by limescale and sludge build up, or something else.

Any issue with the heat exchanger is out of reach of the consumer, and will need an engineer’s input to solve.


These and other faults are often signalled by the boiler itself, which will display an error code to specify the problems as best the PCB can. To understand these codes, refer to the manufacturer or to a gas engineer who can diagnose the fault.


Benefits of Intergas boilers compared to other manufacturers

Intergas boilers do remain some of the simplest to service and repair due to the smaller number of parts used to make them. This also means that, in theory, fewer faults happen in Intergas boilers than some others, though they shouldn’t be relied on as invincible and should still get an annual service like any other boiler. Not only for good practice this also protects your manufacturer warranty that stipulates the boiler must be serviced annually for the warranty to stand.

As mentioned earlier, Intergas retains a heavy focus on making its boilers as efficient as possible. The heat exchanger pushes the boilers’ abilities to reuse and recycle heat from waste gases, making them an attractive upgrade for people whose current boiler is avoidably running up their energy bills and underdelivering on heating.

With a UK head office and distribution centre set up in the West Midlands since 2008, Intergas is accessible for British gas engineers when it comes to liaising with the manufacturer if there are any complications with information or getting a hold of spare parts.

Intergas may not enjoy the prestige of boiler brands like Worcester Bosch, or even the popularity of names like Ideal and Baxi, but they’re a strong choice for eco-conscious consumers looking to run a simple, efficient boiler in their heating system.


Intergas boilers with Bumblebee Plumbing & Heating

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