Intergas Boilers: Are They Worth It?

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When researching brands for your next boiler, it can be tricky to obtain an even picture between two different names. Some brands are simply more popular than others, and so you’ll find plentiful reviews and conversation surrounding their name when searching online.

Worcester Bosch boilers have no shortage of praise, but when looking for information on Intergas boilers, you probably won’t find an equal amount of coverage from customers. However, the company has been around for a long time, and it knows how to put together a boiler.

So, Intergas boilers: are they worth considering?

Are Intergas boilers any good?

Intergas boilers will run as boilers should, and in that sense, yes, they’re good. While not as popular as alternatives like Worcester Bosch or Vaillant, it’s not a name that you should dismiss out of hand.

Intergas was founded in the Netherlands in 1939 and started out by making laundry equipment. In the 60s, it started to capitalise on the presence of natural gas in its home country and sent its first condensing boiler to the Dutch market in 1989.

Intergas has always tried to keep efficiency and an environmental focus at the forefront of its designs, a commitment demonstrated by that early introduction of a condensing boiler. For reference, new condensing boilers did not become mandatory in the UK until 2005.

Intergas sets itself apart by the use of a unique two-in-one heat exchanger in its boilers. The aluminium and copper unit has a patented design that minimises heat loss while optimising heat transfer, and every one comes with its own 10-year warranty. Both the water from the cold tap feed and the central heating pass through the exchanger, cooling flue gases and recovering that heat to be reused. This also means that the boiler is condensing constantly.

For the right household and budget, Intergas boilers can represent excellent value for money. The company’s boilers are typically midrange pieces equivalent to brands like Ideal. Having said that, its most popular models are efficient and have good eco-friendly engineering behind them. Intergas boilers are also built quite simply, with no more than three or four moving parts in their physical makeups.

Intergas also offers its Comfort Touch thermostats and a partner app for smartphones, which allows remote control of boilers in lieu of the typical Honeywell thermostats. Some of Intergas’s more popular and well-covered lines include:


This range has three models available – the ECO RF 24, ECO RF 30, and ECO RF 36 – each with a 10-year warranty and endorsement by the Energy Saving Trust. The main choice factor between these three boilers is their different energy outputs: 18kW for the ECO RF 24, 23kW for the ECO RF 30, and 27kW for the ECO RF 36.

Each of the ECO RF boilers bears efficiency ratings of A for both central heating and hot water, and they feature the use of Intergas’s heat exchanger. These combi boilers are designed to be compact and efficient, reducing CO2 levels as much as possible. RF modules are included as standard, allowing easy remote control with a range of choice from both first and third-party options.

ECO RF boilers come with a 10-year parts and labour warranty and installers can even monitor the boiler’s performance remotely to ensure optimal running.


The Xtreme is one of the later Intergas lines to be introduced, having arrived in 2018 alongside the Xclusive range (see below). With three models numbered 24, 30, and 36 like the ECO RF, the respective energy outputs lie at 20kW, 26kW, and 32kW for each.

The Xtreme boilers use a built-in passive flue gas heat recovery system alongside the bithermic heat exchanger. This heat recovery unit is situated at the back of the exchanger and connects to the flue, extracting excess energy from the condensate water. This then preheats water for central heating or the hot tap supply, further reducing the gas needed and lowering emissions.

Xtreme boilers come with a seven-year parts and labour warranty and have an energy efficiency rating of A for both central heating and hot water.


The other 2018 line to be released by Intergas, the Xclusive’s energy outputs match up to the model names now-familiar naming scheme – 24, 30, and 36.

Xclusive boilers are described by Intergas as the cutting edge of their energy efficiency offerings, and come with a 10-year warranty on parts and labour as standard. This warranty can be extended by a further two years if an Intergas filter is also installed.

The boilers feature illuminated touchscreen operation panels and are designed to be easy to use and maintain. The filling loop is built in and essential components are combined where possible to make installation simpler. An RF module allows for convenient remote control and each of the Xclusive models are solar compatible, for homes that are really looking to overhaul their energy efficiency.


The HRE line comprises four models:

  • HRE 24/18 with a 17kW output
  • HRE 28/24 with a 23kW output
  • HRE 36/30 with a 27kW output
  • HRE 36/40 with a 41kW output

The HRE is a compact boiler with flexible options. For instance, it can be converted from a regular combi to a system boiler where demand grows and greater supply is needed. This makes replacements less hassle in future and makes your heating system that little bit more versatile.

Intergas puts honest effort into making boilers as efficient as they can be, which should intrigue buyers looking to ditch an outdated model and find something that can not only do a better job, but help reduce both bills and energy consumption at the same time.

Not all Intergas boilers carry the same warranties, so it’s worth your time to take a look around and understand what each range carries. This also applies to the bithermic exchanger, as in some models it carries a seven-year warranty and in others, it will have a 10-year one.

How long do Intergas boilers last?

Intergas boilers vary in the warranties they offer. The Intergas Rapid offers only a three-year warranty, whereas aforementioned models like those of the Xclusive and ECO RF ranges come with 10 years on parts and labour. The heat exchanger units in these boilers are also covered for the same length of time, so you can rest assured that your boiler should last you for a while so long as you’re getting an annual service.

In fact, it’s the inclusion of their bithermic heat exchanger and other parts that goes some way to making Intergas boilers more reliable. Intergas itself recently pointed to a report by Which? that highlighted common boiler faults and the parts that cause them. These parts included diverter valves – which the heat exchanger renders unnecessary by taking the usual work of two parts and consolidating it into one – and automatic air vents, which Intergas forgoes in favour of manual air vents.

Intergas boilers are built with as few moving parts as necessary and as few components as possible, reducing the risk of overall failure. In theory, this makes them reliable and long-lasting, but any device is susceptible to failure. Only regular servicing can keep your boiler on track and keep you informed of any emerging faults. Since servicing is normally required to keep your warranty valid, this is something that all boiler owners should be undergoing as standard.

It should be noted that while the longer Intergas warranties are rather generous, they still don’t quite measure up to Worcester Bosch guarantees. Though the words are often used interchangeably, a guarantee like the kind offered by Worcester Bosch gives the consumer slightly more security and protection than a warranty, though for component failure both are functionally the same.

How do Intergas boilers work?

Intergas boilers work a little differently to others due to their two-in-one heat exchanger being central to their designs. Inside the exchanger itself, there are two copper circuits: one for heating and one for hot water. Since the water is heated directly through this unit, Intergas boilers don’t use diverter valves and plate heat exchangers, which traditionally transfer heat from the boiler’s circuit flow to the domestic water supply.

Overall, Intergas condenser boilers work the same as other boilers; you turn on your central heating or turn on your hot tap, and the boiler responds. There is some control around this, however, for those who want to fine tune their heating.

Boilers like the ECO RF models have both comfort and eco modes they can be set to. When comfort mode is enabled, the heat exchanger is kept warm so that domestic hot water is delivered instantly. Eco mode adapts to the pattern of hot tap water usage, meaning the exchanger is only kept warm according to peak times measured from previous days’ usage. Alternatively, both of these modes can be turned off as necessary if there is no need for either of them.

Intergas boilers are no more complex to own and operate than any other brand of domestic boiler. Some would argue that they’re actually less complex, given their sparing use of components. Being able to control your boiler from your smartphone is also handy and makes operation even more convenient. You can prepare your heating on your way home or put the boiler into Comfort mode in preparation for running a bath or doing the washing up.

Where are Intergas boilers manufactured?

Intergas boilers are manufactured in the Netherlands, though the two-in-one heat exchangers are at least partly manufactured in Germany as well as the Netherlands. Their headquarters is based in the city of Coevorden. The company keeps a UK office in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, and also keep UK-based customer support if you need to phone with any queries.

Should I get an Intergas boiler?

Intergas boilers have a lot going for them. They’re highly efficient, have healthy warranties, and are priced at an appropriate level for their performance. It’s not likely that they’ll ever carry the same renown as a brand like Worcester Bosch, but not everybody can afford or even needs a Worcester Bosch boiler.

Intergas have been making condenser boilers for a long time, so as a company they have a wealth of experience in ensuring you have an energy-efficient way of heating your home and water supply. For a more affordable solution to a rundown old boiler, you could do a lot worse than Intergas.

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