Should I get an Intergas Eco Boiler?

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If you’re looking for an efficient way to heat your home and your water, an Intergas Eco boiler might be an attractive option.

When the time comes for a new boiler, you’ve got plenty of brands to choose from.

Some immediately spring to mind for their track records and quality assurance, like Worcester Bosch and Vaillant.

But one brand that might not be so well known in the UK is Intergas, which offers a range of efficient boilers that rival many other established household names.


What is an Intergas boiler?

Intergas is a Dutch-born company that has been making condenser boilers since 1989.

Due to the Netherlands being an early adopter of stricter conditions around boiler efficiency, Intergas was in a prime position when, in 2005, all new gas boilers had to be condensing models in the UK.

Intergas boilers are characterised by a minimal number of components and using as few moving parts as possible. Intergas also makes use of a patented two-in-one heat exchanger, which removes the need for parts like a diverter valve or a valve motor.


How do Intergas Eco boilers work?

Intergas eco boilers provide heating the same way that any other condenser boiler does.

The key difference is how they use their aluminium heat exchangers to boost efficiency. Some, like the Intergas Eco RF 30, are built to fit a medium demand whereas others are made to suit larger homes.

The water is directly heated inside this unit. When coupled with the heat of waste gases that are reused in condensing boilers, the efficiency of Intergas boilers really shows itself.


Different types of Intergas boilers

Intergas offers a range of boiler models to choose from, including:

  • Eco RF: Compact and comes with a radio frequency module as standard. Can be controlled via Intergas’s Comfort Touch app and comes with a 10-year parts and labour warranty.
  • Xclusive: Features radio frequency control and a 12-year warranty like the Eco. The Xclusive also has a built-in filling loop and like many of its Intergas siblings, it has only four moving parts.
  • HRE range: HRE models are versatile, able to be converted from a combi boiler to a system boiler, open vent and open vent combi, and multipoint water heater. These boilers come with a seven-year warranty on parts and labour, though the heat exchanger has its own 12-year warranty like in the Eco and Xclusive.
  • Xtreme: The Xtreme features a passive uilt-in flue gas heat recovery (PFGHR) unit which Intergas claims pushes it even further in saving heat from waste gases. The unit is at the back of the heat exchanger and attached to the flue, lowering energy costs and bills even more.

Intergas makes more models beyond these, but those mentioned above form the most refined, popular core of what it offers.


Benefits of Intergas Eco boilers

The main benefits of Intergas eco boilers are their high levels of efficiency and innovation.

The boilers are made as minimalistic as possible while still delivering on performance. An Intergas Eco boiler might be an attractive prospect for homeowners looking to buy a compact, energy-efficient boiler with a healthy warranty.

Their simple design makes them simple to service and repair, and the heat exchanger has its own generous warranty to ensure years of efficient heat transfer.

To find out more about Intergas boiler options and what we can install for you, read about our engineers’ services and get in touch using the contact form.

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