Overflow Pipe

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Maintenance Advice

The purpose of the overflow pipe is to prevent flooding.
Overflow pipes are installed on cold water storage tanks in lofts and this includes feed and expansion tanks.
When a tank overflows, it can often be down to the ball-valve that needs replacing.

In some properties overflow pipes can also be found connected to toilet cisterns.
If the overflow discharges then it is down to the filling valve or the diaphragm washer that needs replacing.

Toilet cisterns that don’t have overflows will have any overflowing water going into the toilet pan – and is usually caused by the filling valve ‘letting by’ or can sometimes be the flushing mechanism not sealing properly.

If you notice the overflow pipe on your property discharging water then get in touch or give our friendly team a call today on 01925 713293 / 07722 824 665 and we will arrange for one of our engineers to attend at your property and resolve the issue for you.

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