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by | Feb 7, 2023 | Plumber

If you need an emergency 24 hour plumber call out in Warrington and any surrounding areas, don’t wait around for a plumber to get back to you.

Contact our team on 01925 713 293 or 07722 824 665 now to get a 24-hour plumber who can come and help.




Can you call out a plumber in the middle of the night?

Do plumbers work at night?

Not every plumber will offer an emergency service, but there are plenty who understand that a 24-hour plumber is something that will eventually be a necessity for many properties and their inhabitants.

Sadly, plumbing emergencies don’t wait until sociable hours before they happen. Water leaks can occur at any time, and while some can be caught with a bucket until morning, others may need repair before they can inflict too much water damage to the home.

Emergency plumbers are ready to take calls at any time to come and provide responsive repairs where needed. At the very least, an emergency plumber can provide a quick fix to reduce the worst effects of the problem until they’re able to come back with more time on their side or the proper tools and materials.

This is the only problem with a middle-of-the-night callout: while your plumber is on-call 24 hours a day, their suppliers aren’t. However, if they can do enough to stop the problem temporarily and grant you a good night’s sleep until the proper work can begin, then that’s ideal.


When do I need an emergency 24 hour plumber?

It’s worth remembering that though many plumbing issues can cause stress—especially when they suddenly crop up late in the night—not everything is an emergency. You might end up paying emergency fees for something that could have waited until the morning, or even waited a few days.

It’s up to you to weigh up when you need an emergency callout, but there are some situations that are undeniably in need of a fast response. Scenarios in which you might need a 24-hour plumber include:

  • Water leaking through your ceiling (make sure it’s plumbing related and not the fault of a leaky roof)
  • No hot water (particularly during winter and/or you have kids in the house)
  • A burst pipe
  • A severely clogged drain

Basically, anything that risks causing further damage to a property and impacts the health and safety of its occupants can be classed as a plumbing emergency. Minor damage to carpets and linoleum can be fixed easily, but a waterlogged ceiling is a far greater risk and will cost a lot more to repair if left to get worse.


Do 24 hour plumbers cost more?

It’s unavoidable that you’ll pay more for a callout booked on the basis of an emergency. This is because the plumber needs to make themselves available at unsociable hours and respond quickly. For this reason, you can expect to pay a higher fee just to get the plumber to your property before factoring in labour and materials.

Emergency plumbers sacrifice a lot to make their services available 24/7, so these fees are to be expected no matter who you use.

This is also why it’s essential that you use a reputable and trusted plumber for your emergency calls.

Despite paying the higher fees, there’s sometimes no alternative but to use an emergency plumber before the situation gets worse.


Do emergency 24 hour plumbers work weekends?

An emergency plumber should typically offer their help at any hour of any day, regardless of weekdays and weekends.

It’s hard to find a more inconvenient time for something to happen than late on a Sunday night, but a quick search for a ’24-hour plumber near me’ should give you a list of results nevertheless.

Need an emergency plumber Warrington or the surrounding areas, we’re on hand 24/7 to help.

Contact our team on team on 01925 713 293 or 07722 824 665, give us the details of your emergency, and we’ll do the rest.

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