Are landlords or tenants responsible for servicing boilers?

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Boiler Service

Who is ultimately responsible for a boiler service, landlord or tenant?

Boilers need an annual service to keep them running in optimal condition. Whoever owns the boiler is responsible for arranging this service, even though the person who owns the property and boiler may not be the person benefitting the most from it.

Boiler service, landlord or tenant responsibility?

If you’re a tenant in a rented property, it isn’t directly your responsibility to keep the boiler serviced regularly. That said, nailing down the extent to which your landlord ‘needs’ to service your boiler can be hazy.

There’s no hard legal requirement that states how often a boiler must be serviced. The law states that landlords must keep boilers in good working condition and in a safe state for use, but this doesn’t mean they need to book a service.

However, it is best practice to have an annual boiler service, especially if it’s a manufacturer’s requirement to keep up the warranty. Arranging this service is the responsibility of the landlord, not the tenant, though you may choose to arrange it on behalf of your landlord for ease or to arrange a convenient date.

How often should a landlord service a boiler?

Landlords should ideally book a boiler service every year. Not only does it usually keep up a manufacturer’s warranty or an extended care plan, but it’s also good peace of mind for both the landlord and their tenants.

It also means that a gas engineer can detect issues early and potentially prevent breakdowns that would severely knock on tenants’ ability to heat their home and use hot water.

If a boiler breaks down and needs repair this can be a much bigger headache for landlords, especially if it takes place during the winter months. Landlords are required to repair a faulty boiler within ‘a reasonable time frame’ as per the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, and this time frame is generally accepted as within 24 hours.

Annual boiler services should not be confused with an annual gas safety check, which is absolutely a legal requirement as stated in the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. This focuses on the safety of the gas appliances as combustion devices, whereas a boiler service checks the boiler parts and ensures everything is in good working order.

Book an annual boiler service

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