Should I get an Alpha E-Tech Plus Boiler?

by | May 28, 2024 | Boiler Service

The Alpha E-Tec boiler is widely regarded as one of the best combi boilers on the market in its price range. Combining affordability with excellent functionality, reliability, and performance, the Alpha E-Tec Plus 33kw is a great choice for a range of homes.

What are the features of the Alpha E-Tec Plus combi?

The Alpha E-Tec Plus 33kw Combi boiler has a range of features that support high energy efficiency and reliability. It has a space-saving design allowing it to be wall-mounted. It can also be fitted inside a standard-sized kitchen cupboard. Despite its streamlined, compact size, it’s able to meet the demand for heating and hot water even in larger homes. It features a stainless-steel heat exchange, a high flow rate of 14.1 l/min, as well as a highly efficient Grundfos pump.

Other features include a hydro lock assembly and easy-access dry-change NTC on the front of the pipe. A zinc-plated extension vessel provides added protection against corrosion. The combination of features helps to ensure heating power and efficiency while ensuring the longevity of the boiler. A user-friendly control panel supports enhanced functionality.

How efficient is the Alpha E-Tec Plus?

Alpha E-Tec Plus 33kw is a highly efficient option for homes of all sizes. It has been placed in the A-rated band for energy efficiency with an impressive rating of 93%. This rating has been achieved through a range of features such as the high-efficiency Grundfos pump, combined condensate and pressure relief valve connections, and zinc-plated expansion vessel.

A new Alpha E-Tec Plus 33kw is likely to be significantly more energy efficient than an older boiler and deliver considerable cost-savings over time.

Is the output rating of an Alpha E-Tec Plus suitable for my home?

A key factor in the ideal Kw boiler for your home is the number of radiators that the boiler has to heat. The more radiators you have on your property, the harder the boiler will need to work to keep them all at your desired temperature. An average 3–4-bedroom home with around ten radiators will usually require a medium-sized combi boiler with an output of 24-30kw. That means an Alpha E-Tec Plus 33kw will be suitable for most average and larger-sized homes.

How long is the warranty period?

The Alpha E-Tec Plus comes with a 10-year warranty as standard. This can be boosted up to 13 years when installed with the Premier Pack wall-mounting jig that includes the Cyclone Plus magnetic filter.

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