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bumblebee Plumbing offer some of the best boiler installer services in the North West. Ring us on 01925 713293 if you need a quote from our friendly team. Alternatively, if you wan to look at how boiler installations can differ and how you can use your knowledge to find the best boiler installer near you, then please read on…

When you’re investing in a new boiler and installation, you want to know that your money is going into the right hands.

Which is all well and good—but how do you know the right installer for you? What separates a good installer from a bad one?


What does a boiler installer do?

Anybody who comes to install your boiler should have a good working knowledge of the boiler itself, watertight plumbing skills, and—most importantly—be Gas Safe registered. If you want to be certain of your installer’s capability, ask them for their details so that you can locate them on the register.

Any honest installer shouldn’t have a problem producing them, and finding them on the register is both easy and free.

If you’re having a whole boiler replacement, then your installer should safely shut down and disconnect the old boiler, then install the new one along with replacing the flue and any pipework needed.

Once everything has been tested and you’ve been given a run through of your new boilers controls, your installer should clean up after themselves and take away the old boiler and parts so they can be scrapped or recycled in the proper way.


What makes a good installer?

A good installer will do all the above, but you might find that some recommend and offer extras that could tempt you to go with them over others.

Your installer may advise on including:

Magnetic filter

A magnetic filter sits on your boiler’s return pipe. Its job is to catch debris that gets carried along in your heating system’s water and prevent it from entering the boiler.

Over time, the water in your system can form and carry ‘sludge’, the black stuff that can commonly be seen if you’ve ever bled an overdue radiator. This black material is magnetite, which forms when water and air react with ferrous (iron-containing) components of your system such as your radiators.

It’s essentially dissolved rust, and it can have nasty effects on your heating system from cold radiators to damaged boiler parts. Luckily, it’s attracted to magnets, thus the efficiency of a magnetic filter.

Shock arrestor

A shock arrestor deals with your cold water feed, but it’s still useful for keeping your boiler and heating system healthier for longer. Shock arrestors absorb the ‘shock’ that occurs in water pipes when water is drawn and suddenly stopped by fast-shutting valves. This is common with appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

This can cause water hammer, an audible banging in your pipes that signals forces which could cause damage over time. A shock arrestor isn’t essential for a well-functioning heating system, but fitting one is light work for an engineer, and it can be a handy extra to have on your pipes to protect them.


We’ve talked about a magnetic filter, but what to do if your pipes are already riddled with sludge?

Your installer can take time during the install job to flush your heating system, expelling settled sludge and cleaning out your pipes. This is great coupled with a new filter, as it gives your pipes a new lease of life while futureproofing them against the same problem reoccurring.


A wireless thermostat greatly enhances the usability and convenience of your boiler. It allows you to set your heating to turn on according to a room’s temperature, control your boiler from anywhere within range, and set timers so that your heating can turn on without manual control.

For busy households or those who would need to constantly go up and down stairs to control their boiler, a wireless thermostat is a necessity.

A good installer doesn’t need to offer all of these things with their services, but the best boiler installers will often include them in their boiler installation packages. For instance, when you use our online quote tool, we show you which of these we will include in your job.

Including these smaller jobs with a boiler installation just makes sense while the water is shut off and the system is drained. Doing them at a later time wouldn’t be impossible, but it is more efficient to simply bundle them together and get them done in the same visit.


Where do I find a good boiler installer?

Like so many things these days, you’re probably going to turn to the internet to search ‘boiler installers near me’. Nothing wrong with that, but you’re going to get plenty of results—perhaps too many.

Dismiss any installers that don’t have the shining feedback to back up their work. If you’re looking for the best boiler installer you can get, then there should be plenty of satisfied customers behind them. Look for a trusted boiler installer that’s earnt the praise.

Also, think about where you’re located. If you’re looking for boiler installation in Warrington, then you’re best going with a local installer that can give you the best prices and a local engineer within easy reach. Whether you need a combi boiler installation or an electric one we are here for you.

Trustworthy firms that have good working relationships with boiler manufacturers like Worcester Bosch also have an edge in that they’re accredited to work with these high-grade boilers. You don’t get such trust for nothing, so any installer that can shout about these credentials is likely a good choice.

Boiler installation near Liverpool

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