Worcester Boiler Servicing: A Detailed Guide

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Boiler Service

When it comes to trusted names in boiler quality, Worcester Bosch is among the best.

It has enjoyed a long history of strong sales, with Which? bestowing Best Buy Awards on the brand for a solid decade. Worcester boilers come with a guarantee that can run up to 12 years and highlights their commitment to after-service.

If you’re the proud owner of a Worcester Bosch boiler then you already know just how good they can be. In this guide, we go over everything you need to know about a Worcester boiler service to ensure its long life and healthy running.

How do I service my Worcester boiler?

To arrange a boiler service, you should contact a trusted firm who can send you out a Gas Safe Register engineer. Servicing a boiler isn’t something you can do yourself, and it needs to be put in the hands of an experienced individual.

Most, if not all, firms dealing with boiler and heating maintenance should be able to offer you a service. On average, this should cost you around £80. You might have a care plan for your boiler that includes an annual service as part of your fee.

In this case, contact your provider to arrange. Worcester Bosch offers maintenance and support plans for its own boilers, which allows you to book a service online.

As a word of caution, companies like British Gas who provide their own cover plans are wary of people taking advantage of their perks. As a result, if you suspect your boiler is long overdue a service that will unearth problems that need fixing, you won’t be able to take out a plan beforehand to save yourself some cash overall because the plan is often subject to a health check beforehand.

Boiler services are straightforward to arrange and have carried out. If you have a Worcester Bosch boiler within its guarantee, expect the service to be a quick and painless job with no hidden surprises.

What should be done on a Worcester Boiler Service?

A service on a boiler is essentially like the service for your car, ensuring that every component works as it should and is in fit condition to keep running.

A service can cover different parts and checks depending on the age and condition of your boiler. It might include:

  • A visual inspection of the boiler and its components, giving it a quick appraisal and looking for immediate signs of damage or work required
  • Checking the main components more closely (such as burner, heat exchanger, and ignition pins), removing and cleaning them if required and inspecting them for signs of corrosion
  • Checking the flues, which lead from the boiler to the outside of your home, ensuring that they’re fitted safely and that there are no obstructions or blockages
  • Checking the controls and the boiler’s general operation, making sure safety devices work as intended and that there are no functional faults with the controls
  • Checking the gas flow and the pressure, which should be neither too low nor too high for the size of the property
  • Checking the case seals to ensure they’re effective
  • Firing up the boiler to see how it runs and observing for any irregularities in its operation

Between all of this and any extra checks the engineer might deem necessary to fully check your boiler, a service can be incredibly thorough and well worth the money it costs.

These tests and checks will be made into a record with notes of everything the engineer has checked and their findings. A copy of this will be given to you if you are the homeowner, so that you have a receipt of the work undertaken should you need it for any future issues.

The peace of mind that comes about from a boiler service is a big reason to get yours done regularly.

How often should a Worcester Bosch Boiler be Serviced?

A Worcester Bosch boiler should be serviced every year. This is true for any boiler, but with Worcester Bosch it’s especially necessary because an annual service is a requirement in order for your guarantee to remain valid.

Ideally, you don’t want to lose your guarantee. It’s a legally binding strength to your consumer rights and ensures that the cost of any problems with your boiler is covered while it stands. For the price of a service every year, it’s well worth keeping this up.

Annual services are generally a good idea because they mean your boiler is getting a regular check from people who are best equipped to spot any potential faults. Regular services reduce the chance of serious problems such as carbon monoxide leaks.

They’re also ideal checks to have done before winter, when your boiler is likely to be put under a lot of extra strain. Engineers typically are in short supply through the colder months, and it’s no time to be waiting days or weeks to get your heating back up and running. For the modest cost of a one-off service, it’s worth getting it done.

How long does it take to Service a Worcester Boiler?

A typical service takes roughly 30 minutes, but can take as long as an hour depending on how thorough it is. For example, times vary depending on how much of a deep clean certain components need and whether any parts need replacing.

If your engineer spends significantly less time on your service, don’t be afraid to ask why that is. Taking the case off and peering at the parts isn’t enough! Your Worcester boiler service should be thorough to ensure good operation and a valid guarantee.

When should I book a Worcester boiler service?

If you’re comfortably within a year of your last boiler service and there don’t appear to be any problems occurring with your boiler, it’s more than likely not worth booking a service just yet.

However, there are some tell-tale signs that your boiler might need looking at:

  • There are unusual sounds coming from your boiler, such as clanging noises
  • The pressure keeps dropping, or running high despite no extra water being put it via the filling loop
  • The pilot light is not coming on (if your boiler uses one) and burns orange or yellow rather than blue
  • The boiler keeps turning itself off or overheating

Referring to the user manual can often reveal some handy troubleshooting tips or procedures that could save you time and money. If these don’t work, it’s probably time to get a service booked.

How do I Book a Service as a Rental Tenant?

As a tenant, it isn’t your responsibility to arrange for a boiler service. The landlord and/or estate agents should arrange for that to take place and keep records of the engineers’ visits.

Under the Landlord and Tenant Act (1985), landlords are obliged to have an annual service undertaken on the boilers in their properties. If you’ve yet to see yours, get in touch with your landlord or agents to request it done.

Which is better for Worcester Boilers: One-off Service or Cover Plan?

Worcester Bosch boilers already come with healthy guarantees, as we’ve mentioned, so long as they’re installed by a Worcester Bosch Accredited installer. If a boiler is still within its guarantee, there’s no benefit to getting extra cover on top. An annual service will do to keep the guarantee running, with a one-off payment each time. If the service uncovers any faults with the boiler, the guarantee will cover the costs of the repairs.

However, for boilers outside of their guarantee period, it may be worth considering a care plan that includes an annual service as part of its cost. This will always end up costing more than simply paying once a year for your service, however, so it’s best to weigh up what you feel you need versus cost.

For our customers, Bumblebee offers service plans through Bumblebee Maintenance. The good thing about service plans with your repair provider is that it incentivises engineers to find faults before they become costly repairs.

Worcester Boiler Service with Bumblebee

We’re a Worcester Bosch Accredited installer, meaning our engineers have received extensive training at Worcester Bosch’s own HQ. Our high standards of workmanship places us in the best position to work on your Worcester boiler, and we always ensure to do a thorough job.

To find our more about getting a Worcester boiler service with Bumblebee, contact us today.

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