Should boilers be serviced annually?

by | May 25, 2022 | Boiler Service

Arranging a regular service for your boiler is something that can be easily forgotten in the day-to-day running of your household. It’s often hidden away in an airing cupboard, delivering hot water when needed, but an annual boiler service shouldn’t be overlooked.

Even new models can develop problems if built, installed, or maintained poorly, and a regular service is the best way to identify any issues before they become bigger worries.

But should you worry if you forget to book a service, and why should you get schedule one in?

Do boilers need to be serviced every year?

Conventional wisdom says that getting your boiler serviced every year is the best approach to keeping it in optimum condition. Anything more often is unnecessary, and likely to do little more than waste your money.

How often to service a boiler can depend on the manufacturer.

Private homeowner:

For private homeowners, there’s no legal requirement to have your boiler serviced every year. It can be thought of as like a service for your car, rather than an MOT, and is a good idea rather than an obligation.

However, some manufacturers will need to see evidence that you have an annual service carried out on your boiler to comply with the terms of a warranty or guarantee. This isn’t a contractual obligation of owning the boiler, and again, there are no legal pitfalls if you forget or just forgo the service. But for boilers like those made by Worcester Bosch, not booking an annual service can mean scrapping a 10 or 12-year guarantee.

For the sake of an annual boiler service cost, your guarantee is worth keeping active. It can cover at least half of your boiler’s lifespan and shouldn’t be scrapped if you can help it.


For landlords, an annual boiler service is a non-negotiable legal requirement.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 state that landlords (i.e. anybody who lets a property out to tenants) must have annual safety checks on gas appliances and fittings. This service, like all gas services, should be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer and a report is to be produced from the investigation.

Even if a boiler is working in tip-top condition, landlords need to satisfy this annual service requirement.

It’s not just a matter of abiding by the law, but also ensuring that tenants are using a safe appliance that isn’t going to cause disruption to their living conditions by failing when they need it most, or by endangering their lives in the most extreme cases.

How often should you get a boiler serviced?

Once a year, ideally during the summer.

Not only does this allow you to get an engineer when their workloads are considerably lighter before the increased winter demand, but also because it gives you a good idea of how ready your boiler is for increased usage later in the year.

Not only that, it is an ideal opportunity to have it cleaned and rectify any errors that might worsen under pressure of constant use.

Landlords should generally aim to book a service around 10 months after the previous service to ensure an adequate amount of time is left between each while also allowing for an engineer’s waiting list.

Regular servicing also permits you to track the performance of your boiler from one year to the next and take note of any problems that arise.

The same fault within two years could signify a problem with installation rather than a part, for instance – something that wouldn’t be clear with an isolated visit.

If you’re unsure whether your boiler needs an annual service to satisfy the warranty conditions of the manufacturer, it may be a good idea to get in touch with them and ask.

They might even be able to recommend a service provider in your area.

How can I make sure I get an annual service?

The best and most simple way to ensure you don’t drop the ball with your annual boiler service is to leave yourself reminders.

A sticky note in the bathroom, a red circle on the calendar, or a reminder on your phone timed to alert you once a year are all ways that can help you make sure you don’t miss your service.

Alternatively, you could see your preferred local boiler engineers offer any kind of annual repeat service to take the pressure of having to remember.

Many providers also offer service plans that ensure your yearly visit can’t be missed, and these often represent the best value for money. All the while, you’re meeting your duty of care whether that’s for tenants who rent from you or your family members that share the same home as you.

Services are typically not complex jobs and can be completed relatively quickly, so booking one with an engineer shouldn’t be too difficult and even waiting lists will likely be relatively short (assuming you haven’t left it until winter).

Like any other service that sees high demand, the best way to get yours is to register in good time.

Annual boiler service with Bumblebee

Our team of Gas Safe registered engineers can carry out a boiler service with minimal fuss and a full understanding of everything involved.

Just ring through to our friendly office staff and book yours to make sure we can give your boiler a bill of clean health in time for the chilly winter months.

You can find out more about our annual boiler services here, or to book yours, contact us today.

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