How old is my Boiler?

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Boiler Service

If you’ve purchased a property with a boiler that looks like it’s been in place for a while you may be wondering exactly how old it is and how long it might carry on working. We can help you answer the question of how old is my boiler?

There’s no avoiding the fact that old boilers can be highly energy inefficient. Ageing boilers can mean you have to pay far more to heat your home than is necessary and they may be liable to break down at any moment. When that happens in the middle of winter it can be a real headache as this is the time of year when heating engineers are usually at their busiest.

Finding the age of your boiler

To find the age of your boiler all you need to do is look at its serial number. This is a lengthy barcode that will usually be located somewhere on the boiler’s casing. It will be made up of a series of letters and numbers that will tell you when your boiler was manufactured.

Finding the manufacture date of your boiler is different depending on the company that made it.


Worcester – How old is my Worcester boiler?

Worcester Bosch is a widely installed and popular boiler brand in the UK. Despite their popularity, the serial numbers on Worcester Bosch boilers can be more difficult to locate. Their serial numbers are designed for internal use and don’t allow for easy manufacturing date identification. So if you want to find the age of your Worcester Bosch boiler you are advised to contact their customer support services who will be able to help you further.

How old is my Baxi boiler?

The serial number for most Baxi boilers is usually easy to find. This can be done by opening up the drop-down panel at the front of the boiler. This serial number has all the information that’s required for Baxi to tell you when it was manufactured. Alternatively, the year of manufacture is relatively easy to identify within the serial number.

Any Baxi boiler manufactured after 2003 will have a 7-digit serial number that features the year of manufacture as the first set of numbers after the 3-letter product code.

How old is my Valliant boiler?

It’s a fairly straightforward process to identify the age of your Vaillant boiler. The serial number for the boiler will usually be located on the exterior casing. The third and fourth numbers of this serial number are the year in which it was manufactured. If those numbers were 09 for instance, the Vaillant boiler was manufactured in 2009.

Other manufacturers

To identify the serial number and manufacturing year of other brands you may need to refer to your user manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer support directly. Alternatively, a heating engineer will be able to identify the age and advise about the condition of your boiler, including commercial boilers.

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